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Heathen.Site is a free service that offers WordPress hosting for approved heathen websites, along with modestly-priced paid plans for situations when additional resources are needed. This site is owned and operated by Vinland Media, LLC, a heathen company based in Southeast Tennessee, and it was formed for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of heathenry through affordable, high-quality web services.

Real IT Expertise

Dozens of combined years of real enterprise-IT experience, applied to the specific purpose of expounding the voices of our ancestors.

All WordPress

WordPress powers 28% of the entire Internet, and it’s our sole focus.

Cloud Hosting

With our expertise in AWS and Google Cloud, you can trust that your site is hosted safely and securely

Professionals in every sense of the word.

We’re server experts.  We’re WordPress experts.  We’re experienced in professional software development and Agile/Scrum product-management.

And we’re here for you.

(And Óðinn.)

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